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Easy, secure, human

Fast digitalization

The COVID-19 crisis has pointed out the necessity of digital tools and accelerated the accessibility to internet-based systems in a revolutionary way. This will lead to increased adaptation of digital counselling tools.
Now is the ideal time to integrate new digital tools into Employee Assistance Programs.

  • To meet requirements regarding data protection standards, Cinnux has designed an optimal data protection setup.

Privacy by design

Optimized safety
Minimized data storage
Aggregated insights
No use of external services that might infringe users privacy

Aggregated insights

Only aggregated data per company is stored
No individual user statistics
Aggregated usage rate

GDPR compliant

All data stored at independendent EU hosting providers
End-to-End Encryption
2-factor authentication

Counselors can chat via an easy-to-use browser with a clean design.

Cinnux BV (Dutch Ltd.) was founded by Johannes and Sarah Boshuizen, two siblings from Groningen in the Netherlands who are highly familiar with EAP. We have extensive knowledge in the fields of sociology and social psychology. As part of the young generation in EAP and Human Resources, we are convinced that EAP will experience a long-term shift toward more digitalized, and still human ways of working. To contribute to this shift, we have applied our knowledge and experience to develop a flexible digital platform and create the most secure access possible for clients in Europe to use EAP services. About us

How we work

Key to our approach

Key to our approach is a flexible environment consisting of different digital building blocks that can be combined, customized for each EAP-partner and/or customer, and managed from a distance.

Please visit us at De Pijp, a great and creative co-working space and purpose hub in Groningen, The Netherlands Where we work

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